Love: The Beauty, The Beast, The Battle…..

Love is a drug, Im just looking for my pusher!!!

My Strange Addiction…. (The Beast)

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I want you to close your eyes and let your imagination get the best of you. Ok now open em so you can read my dang post! 😉

Imagine you’re downtown shopping with your Mr. or Mrs. You’re both having a good time— holding hands, kissing & sh*t, and just overall enjoying each other’s company.  You’re discussing all of your future plans with each other. “We’re gonna get married, have 2 beautiful children, and live happily ever after…” ♥ In the middle of your conversation, you see a homeless drug addict on your left with a sign saying he has nowhere to live and needs money for food. His clothes were unkempt; he looked like he hadn’t showered in God knows how long, and his feet looked like he worked for Mr. Slate (Fred Flintstone’s boss). Of course you begin to think, “This man is a fraud. He’s probably gonna take my money to go buy him a bottle” or “He’s just lazy, he can work if he really needs it! Hmph, McDonald’s is hiring.” Nevertheless, you give him the money and continue your evening stroll with your honey. All of a sudden, these thoughts begin to invade your brain.… “I know his life couldn’t have been like that forever, what went wrong? What storm had he encountered that he felt unequipped to handle?” My thoughts?? He was probably in love and didn’t know it!!! Well, that too could be your a$$ if you don’t recognize the signs of addiction!!!

I Googled some common characteristics of addictive behaviors and you can NOT tell me that this doesn’t sound like someone in love!! If this is you, you may need to see a licensed provider for help! You’re going down a road of destruction!!! So here’s my take on the connection between love and addiction… (My 2 cents will be italicized) Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Common Characteristics among Addictive Behaviors/ How to know when your a$$ is an addict! #Dangerouslyinlove

    1. The person becomes obsessed (constantly thinks of) the object, activity, or substance. (Mmhmm, I know you remember those nights when you couldn’t even do your job because you were too busy thinking about what that man or woman was doing. Wondering if he/she was thinking of you as much as you were thinking of them and/or when the next time they were gonna call/text. You’ve already imagined and planned your whole future with this person… you know where the wedding is gonna be, what theme your wedding will have, what your children will look like, how often you’re gonna allow them to have a night out with the guys/girls, the whole 9)

    2. They will seek it out, or engage in the behavior even though it is causing harm (physical problems, poor work or study performance, problems with friends, family, fellow workers). (U know this was you at one point in time. Couldn’t do your dang homework because you were too busy thinking about him/her. Sneaking out your bedroom at night just so you could see them for one second. Got in those heavy arguments with your parents because “They just didn’t understand! You were in love!” You couldn’t stand your friends/coworkers because they all tried to warn you that he was no good, or kept telling you that you had totally thrown them to the side because of your new boo and it was unfair. And what was your response? “These single *#$%(&^ just mad because they don’t have a man”

    3.  The person will compulsively engage in the activity, that is, do the activity over and over even if he/she does not want to and find it difficult to stop. (This is that moment when you KNOW you should leave but dang it you can’t because you’re “in love”. This is you: “Yeah he cheated but it was kind of my fault.” OR “She slept with my brother, best friend, and uncle but she just needs someone to love her. I know she’ll change…” Or when you promise yourself that you won’t answer their next call/text but as SOON as the phone rings, you pick it up. You know, you just want to see what they want! Yeah, get help… NOW!)

    4.  Upon cessation of the activity, withdrawal symptoms often occur.  These can include irritability, craving, restlessness or depression. (Oh yessss, those late nights of lying in bed crying because you’re single all over again. I mean, this was the man/woman you were going to spend the rest of your life with! Now you have to start all over. Can’t eat, can’t sleep… snapping at the waitress because she poured your drink for you and all you wanna do is yell, “You don’t know my life, you don’t know what I’ve been through!!”)

    5.  The person does not appear to have control as to when, how long, or how much he or she will continue the behavior (loss of control). (Alright, you’ve tried to keep your distance for 3 hours but it’s getting uncontrollable soooo you drive past his/her house 47 times just to see if he’s/she’s home and if they’re not, you’re on the way to their job, mama’s house, best friend’s house, grocery store, doctor’s office, cemetery, etc.! LoL! You need answers, dang it!)

    6. He/she often denies problems resulting from his/her engagement in the behavior, even though others can see the negative effects. (This is that person has been love sick for the past 5 weeks then all of a sudden has that moment of peace. They’re actually content again, walking happily around work, buying everyone at the office Starbucks, has even gotten a tattoo as a symbol of their renewed love. They’re falling back into that dangerous trap. You call them out and they deny the whole thing & tell you to mind your own %^$* business! You’re grown! Smh)

    7. Person hides the behavior after family or close friends have mentioned their concern. (The boyfriend/girlfriend all of a sudden stops coming around. They’re “single and ready to mingle” They’ve hired a “new boo” to post pics with on Instagram and Facebook so family and friends think they’ve actually moved on. Nah uh boo, don’t be fooled. That man/woman is at their house now eating their food and on the couch chilling and waiting for them to get home. He’s/ she’s actually the one paying off the “new boo”! Lol)

    8. Many individuals with addictive behaviors report a blackout for the time they were engaging in the behavior (This is when hindsight is 20/20. “I don’t know why I didn’t leave! It was like I was stuck… ALL the signs were there but I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to! It was like he/she put roots on me! I’ll know next time, though” :side eye: )

    9. Depression is common in individuals with addictive behaviors. That is why it is important to make an appointment with a physician to find out what is going on. (Lol forget a physician; that just comes with an expensive bill that you could’ve bought that MK purse with. Go shopping, there’s nothing like retail therapy. You still might have an expensive bill, but at least you have something to show for it! Shoot, look good while you’re lying in bed crying and suicidal! Wear the hell out of that depression!! WORK!)J

    10. Individuals with addictive behaviors often have low self-esteem, feel anxious if they do not have control over their environment, and come from psychologically or physically abusive families. (Ok they’re going too far with this one now! We ain’t all crazy with low self-esteem! They better get their life!)

Well folks, these are the signs! If you’ve experienced at least 3 of the 10 symptoms, get your crazy behind some help and leave Tyrone/Keisha alone!!!! You’ll end up like the homeless man we imagined about 6 minutes ago!  BUT if you’re a sucka for love like me, you know how hard it is to leave Tyrone alone. You “love” everything about him from the way he smiles to the Polo boots on his feet! My only advice: choose wisely, my friends. And if you don’t, make sure you choose a nice street in a fancy neighborhood to be homeless on. 😉 Love is and always has been #mystrangeaddiction

(*Note, this information is for entertainment purposes only. Do not and I repeat, DO NOT try to go to a rehabilitation center asking for help with your love addiction. They just may admit your crazy behind!!! 😉


Author: sucka4luvv

Sanity!??! Who needs it!!! I'll take love instead..... ;)

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